VeganMilk making

Today as im in quarantine and havent written for a while neither in german or english or any other language i can barely use, i felt i could start again and write in english about my experiences trying to be vegan as much as i can.

So today as my oat milk is running out, i am not allowed to leave my home and im trying to find any other distraction not to practice meditation, pranayama, wimhof – this simple breathing technique brings me to those uncomfortable stages which im still not ready to just observe – physical yoga or any kind of movement, i tried to use my newly ordered and delivered Vegan Milk Maker.

I had luckily found an old bag of hazelnuts which i had soaked in destilated water with some dried apricots, little bit of xylit, salt and linseeds and after had put in my blender. Therefore well prepared i put it in my new MilkMaker and it really worked well and i have to admit its a very useful tool, easy to use and cool idea from Spain.

I got some delicious selfmade Veganmilk i already used for my coffee and with the rest of the pulp i made some simple vegan hazelnutcookies. I just added xylit, flour, rapeseed oil and put it in the oven. Im not a cooking or baking pro at all, but it worked and im very proud of myself.

You should try it too!


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