New online Yoga classes 2022

soft and smooth Smooth grounding moves

Mondays and Fridays I will continue with my spanish teached Yoga classes, but will add english and german spoken online classes. Private classes are always welcome too.

DM me on instagram if your interested to join the monthly blocks which are meant to be energeticly grounding, but softly activate your energyflow and body spirals for more fluid movements, mobility and breathwork to get grounded and calm latest in the Yoga Nidra orientated savasana. Its a soft open class which focus on how you feel in each moevemnt and i want to pick you up where you are on that day, that hour.

Saturdays mobil and flexy classes

The saturdays classes are meant to go deeper and to smoothly activate the body, to build up strenght and to stretch deeper and longer in a safe way so naturally you will get more flexy and aware. Its a progressive Yin orientated Yoga class and has a monthly focus. DM me on Instagram if your interested.

Anyhow I hope I could catch your interest and will hear from you soon!

2022 is on!


Veröffentlicht von Ki YogaThai

Holistic Bodyworkerin - Osteothai, dynamische Thaiyogamassage, TokSen (Klopfmassage), Aromaöl Massage, Schwedische Massage zertifizierte Yogalehrerin - traditionelles Hatha, Ashtanga, Michael Gannon Power Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga by TheYogaPeople, Rocket Yoga By David Keil, Mandala Yoga and Handstand practice by SOHA, Daniela Garza Dipl. Sozialpädagogin

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